What You Need to Know About Chai Tea

Did you know that chai tea is an Asian combination of organic black tea, fresh ginger, and a host of healthy ingredients that support you living your best life? Known as a healthy alternative to coffee, chai tea is gaining popularity across the globe. Speciality chai manufacturers like Sherpa Chai make it easy to tease your palate via experimenting with many varieties of flavours and brews that are designed to help you jump-start your day with a quick dose of happy in every cup.

Are you feeling unbalanced, down, or just plain grumpy?  It turns out that Sherpa Chai has a few sippable tricks up their sleeves to turn your frown upside down, with an added bonus of providing extra energy to help get yourto-do-list under control. Based on an age-old family recipe passed down through generations, Sherpa Chai is steeped in tradition, strong on flavor, and packed with all-natural homeopathicingredients– making it a perfect mood-boosting drink to get your mind and body back in balance. 

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, traditional chai tea helps nourish your body and mind without added caffeine or other stimulants.  Two common chai ingredients, ginger and black tea, have long been known to improve cognitive function and prevent neurological diseases.Another traditional chai ingredients providing medicinal benefits includeturmeric, which has been consumed and used medically in other nations for thousands of years. Today, is commonly known that both ginger and turmeric have garnered a reputation for increasing brain function.

Combined in a lusciouscup of Sherpa Chai, these three powerful brains boosting ingredients canhelp improve concentration and provide balance with every mood-boosting sip. 

Indulge your Senses

Grab a cup, gather some friends, and try one of our favorite Sherpa Chai recipes that is sure to indulge your tastebuds.

Sherpa Chai Latte


·         Sherpa Chai Concentrate (any flavor)

·         Milk or Milk Substitute     


Shake Sherpa Chai Concentrate well, then mix it with an equal amount of milk or dairy substitute of your choice. Warm over stovetop or via microwave. Serve in your favorite cup ormug and enjoy!

What’s the origin of Sherpa Chai?

Visionary, Pemba Sherpa, knew when he began his career in the United States that he wanted to share his mother’s treasured recipe with others.  Settling in Boulder, Colorado, Pemba and his dedicated Sherpa brewing team are committed to sharing their treasured family recipes with chai lovers across the US. 

Unleash your daily potential by waking up to a cup of Sherpa Chai. It has the perfect mix of traditional chai ingredients to keep you healthy, vibrant, and focused on the day ahead! To learn more about Sherpa Chai, visit them online at www.sherpachai.com.