Dr. Frank Roach Discusses The Value Of Routine Dental Check-Ups

Your oral health goes beyond flossing and everyday brushing. Routine dental checkups and cleaning help keep your teeth in great shape and health. According to Dr. Frank Roach, the best way to enhance your smile is to invest in a quality dental hygiene routine.

Don’t wait till you have the pain to visit your dentist; regular checkups can help detect this problem and save your tooth while also eliminating pain. “Never assume when it comes to your oral health,” says Dr. Frank Roach.

So why should you visit your dentist more often? Dr. Frank Roach explains how routine dental checkups can save your dental health.

Just brushing and flossing is not enough, says Dr. Frank Roach.

Regular dental visits involve several procedures like checkups, examinations, and cleaning. Most people tend to believe that brushing two times a day is enough to keep their teeth strong and healthy, says Dr. Frank Roach. However, there are very many steps involved in tooth maintenance. For instance, an examination will check for tartar or plaque, a sticky layer of bacteria. If this plague is not cleaned, it will harden and become tartar, making it difficult to get rid of. Dr. Frank Roach recommends visiting your dentists to have tartar removed to avoid oral diseases.

We help reduce chances of contracting oral illnesses, says Dr. Frank Roach

Poor oral health or lack of proper dental care can lead to other diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, pneumonia, diabetes, and chronic obstructive. Harmful bacteria can build up with time, and you may not notice until a dentist points it, says Dr. Frank Roach; it can be difficult to determine whether the interior parts of our teeth are clean or not. A dentist can check and treat the area before they worsen. Professional dental cleaning promotes better health, while specific problems can lead to symptoms of other significant diseases. ” So, make a preventative point of seeing your dentist frequently to avoid these diseases,” notes Dr. Frank Roach.

We can see when pain is coming, says Dr. Frank Roach

Toothache can be traumatizing, many people who visit our offices due to tooth pain do not know where the problem originates from, says Dr. Frank Roach. Our teeth are connected to other critical organs of the head, like the ears and neck. Tooth pain radiates to other parts closer to the mouth, such as the ears, making it difficult to manage the pain.

If you visit your dentist frequently, chances of getting a toothache are close to zero as oral professionals can detect various tooth problems such as cavities, plaque, gingivitis, tooth cracking, and other faults before they get worse. The checkups also include a close examination of your throat, head, neck, face, and tongue.