Top 15 steps for faster hair growth

Getting Rapunzel-like hair is not so easy – ask anyone who has been taking pills and supplements and not received the desired results. With plenty of hair growth options, it is important to choose what’s best for you. When it comes to hair growth, it is advisable to opt for natural options because they’re safe. One thing to always remember is that there is not just one ingredient or specific method to get your dream hair. Let’s discuss 15 steps for faster hair growth.

1.Get frequent trims 

Split ends and breakage can lead to hair losing length and therefore it is always suggested to get frequent trims for faster hair regrowth.

2.Don’t go for colours

If you go for colours, the chemicals and the bleach can damage your hair cuticles, thus stopping the hair growth.

3.Make sure to brush your hair before going to bed

If you want faster hair growth, then you must not forget to brush your hair before you go to bed as this will distribute your hair’s natural oils effectively.

4.Eat the right foods

Your hair does need a proper routine when it comes to food because your diet plays an important role too. Try to eat the right food that contributes to faster hair regrowth by incorporating proper nutrients into your daily diet. Vitamin A prevents scalp dryness by ensuring that the body produces and controls sufficient sebum supply, a natural oil essential to keep scalp moist and healthy. Food items rich in vitamin A include carrots, sweet potatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, mangoes, papaya, apricots, pumpkin and pink grape fruit. B vitamins promote the scalp’s blood circulation and hair regrowth. Food items rich in B vitamins include beans, green peas, cauliflower, soybean, nuts and eggs. Silica is a vital component of hair shaft that stimulates hair growth. Food items rich in silica include bell peppers, oats, brown rice, apples, raisin, cucumber, peanuts, tomatoes, lettuce, mango and flaxseeds. Omega-6 stimulates hair growth. Food items rich in omega-6 are sunflower seeds, corn and pumpkin seeds.

5.Go for a scalp massage

Scalp massage is relaxing and when it comes to hair growth, it is one of the best methods to follow. Scalp massages help to increase the blood flow to your scalp, helps the nutrients get to your follicle faster and also enhances the strength of your roots, thus effectively promoting hair growth. 

6.Skip the daily shampoo

Try to reduce your hair shampoo schedule and limit it up to twice or thrice a week. This process will allow your hair to hydrate and repair and will also allow your natural oils to penetrate that will in return make your hair grow faster.

7.Condition your hair often

Scalp health is important for faster hair regrowth. And so is keeping the rest of your hair nourished. You can prevent split ends and hair damage by doing a once-weekly deep-conditioning treatment. This helps to keep the hair shaft sealed and smooth.

8.Don’t do a tight hairstyle

Ensure not to do tight hairstyles as it can pull at the roots of the hair and eventually lead to breakage. This causes a type of hair loss known as traction alopecia. Always go for comfortable hairstyles so that your hair growth cycle is not hindered.

9.Be careful when you brush wet hair

Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage and therefore you need to be very careful when brushing it. Do brush it very gently.

10. Wash your hair with cool water

Washing your hair with hot water can result in loss of essential oils and moisture from your hair. This leaves your scalp dehydrated and hair tightly curled. Rinsing your hair with cool water will benefit you, by strengthening the hair follicles and also closing up the cuticles.

11. Avoid excessive heat styling

Excessive heat styling will damage your hair leading to frizz and breakage and therefore try to avoid it to ensure faster hair regrowth.

12. Avoid smoking for healthy blood flow

We know that smoking affects our health but little do we know, that it also affects our hair growth. The toxins produced by smoking causes disruption in the blood flow and can also seep into the hair follicles. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid smoking for healthy blood flow that contributes to hair growth.

13. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Silk is smooth on your hair – it helps to avoid breakage and tangles. All you need to do is switch your regular pillowcase for a silk pillowcase for faster hair growth. 

14. Detangle and brush gently

Brushing your hair is essential but one important thing to remember is when you are brushing, you should be gentle. If you happen to detangle or brush aggressively then it can cause hair damage that will prevent hair regrowth. 

15. Manage stress to avoid hair loss

Stress does affect hair growth and can cause hair loss. Keeping the stress levels at a minimum would be an added advantage for hair growth. Because once you master to manage the stress, then you are successfully on the path of promoting good hair growth.

Why homeopathy?

Do you often think of hair loss as a cosmetic problem? Well, it’s not. It is often indicative of deeper-rooted problems and medical conditions that you might be suffering from that you aren’t aware of. The causes and the symptoms of hair fall are different for each individual. So, the hair fall treatment should also be unique for each individual with hair fall problems. A tailored approach is most effective when it comes to hair fall treatment. This is the approach followed by homeopathic specialists. The selection of the hair fall treatment is based on the extent of hair loss, the grade of baldness as well as the condition of the hair and the scalp.Hair fall treatment in homeopathy is free from side effects. Isn’t this a good reason to visit your nearest hair clinic for a consultation? So, what are you waiting for?