The Ultimate Guide to Home Weight Training Equipment

The misconception of going to a fitness center to create better physic is not real. Most bodybuilders have always mentioned that you are often able to start the noble concept of bodybuilding in your own home. TMuscle fitness website offers a range of fitness and weightlifting products.

 It only takes sufficient commitment and  investing in proper gym equipment. Knowledge of the precise workout method, the dietary factors, the timing of the meal, and equipment involved are the key details during training in your home. Here is a sneak preview of some of the top equipment that can spice up your workout regimen.

Barbells and Dumbbells

The key equipment you need to start intense training sessions in your home is a dumbbell. You require two dumbbell rods and four collars with screws or patent bolts to secure the dumbbell weight.

If you are involved in intensive weight training, then your list of equipment probably includes a barbell. The barbell is made of a bar of steel that has a diameter of around 1 inch. The barbell’s length can range from 4 inches to 6 inches. Four collars and patent screws are also needed to secure the weight of the barbell.

Free Weights

When it comes to picking weights, they are available in the form of disc sizes starting from 3 inches upwards. The weight of the above discs may vary from half lb to around fifty lb. in minimum weight. The decision is yours since you will figure out how much weight is reasonably compatible. Such disks are mostly made of iron, but there are also steel disks on the market, although they are rare to find because they are very costly.

Wooden Boards

A wooden board, sometimes called the abominable board is really helpful. This board ranges from two feet to six inches and wide from six feet to two feet. These benches are needed more when you work out while you lie down. You  can place a piece of cloth on the bench for comfort. This particular board can differ in angles also has a variety of special applications. One can perform advanced sit-ups on a wooden board, and by varying the angles it makes the exercise more effective

Head harness and Iron Boots

Iron boots are a special form of accessory that you wear, fastened, over your training shoes. These shoes weigh around eight lbs and have a groove, where you can insert dumbbell rods and improve their strength and durability. You can use these boots to reinforce the muscles of the thigh and the calf and help to separate the muscles. To people looking to tone their thigh muscles, it is an essential device.

Lastly, the head harness should be part of your gym list. These are special headgears have weight-adding fitting and can increase weight after success in that particular workout. Head harness also helps to strengthen the neck and develop the muscles of the shoulder.


The above home workout equipment is popular facilities found in the gym and exercise facilities. With these tools, you can get started with your workouts right away.