Is Working From Home a Pain in Your Neck?

Due to COVID-19’s sudden onset, a large percentage of US workers were forced to move to remote work. Many employees took advantage of this opportunity to get away from their daily commute and to wear traditional business attire.

Many people soon discovered that their homes weren’t equipped for the practicalities of working remotely. Owing to this factor, some may have opted to renovate their existing space to a new office room, or changed their internet plan and may have moved to a new reliable one like Earthlink internet, for instance. Although working remotely can allow you to do business anywhere, it can be a strain on your neck and back.

You may feel more susceptible to pains and aches than you would if you were working in an office setting. You should seek out a pain management specialist if you experience neck or back pain while working remotely. Let’s talk about how working at home can cause strain to your neck and back.

Tech Neck Phenomenon

Neck pain caused by working from home is now called “tech neck,” a condition where you spend too much time on a computer or using electronic devices. The effects of working from home can cause discomfort and damage to your spine and neck.

After a thorough exam and diagnostic testing, Florida Medical Pain Management will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. You may also find other treatments, such as medication and physical therapy, beneficial, such as shock wave therapy and steroid injections, and/or regenerative medicines.

What Happens to the Tech Neck

Because your neck and shoulders work together to support your head’s weight, your neck can be vulnerable. If you tilt your head back or hunch your head, it can alter your body’s weight distribution, which can lead to pain.

By bending your head forward by just 15 degrees, your head weight will increase more than twice, going from 15 to 27 pounds. If you bend your neck further (45 degrees), your head weight will increase to 49 pounds. Your head weighs approximately 60 pounds at 60 degrees.

Your neck muscles will have to work harder to keep your head straight if you slouch too much. Because your neck muscles are not built to support this position, it can lead to muscle strain.

Your chair is not meant to be used for long periods of time if you work from home or in a temporary workplace. Unlike office furniture, most chairs at home are not designed to support 6-8 hours of sitting.

Stop Neck Pain Before it Gets Worse

These simple adjustments can help reduce neck pain and strain on neck muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Buy an ergonomic office chair to maintain a healthy posture.

Keep your spine straight and your ears over your shoulders.

When you sit down, ensure that your feet are flat on a hard surface.

Take a break every hour from your phone and get up from the chair to go for a walk.

Take 20-second breaks every 20 min to stretch out and rest your eyes. Then, repeat the process.

Adjust your seat so your eyes are three inches below the screen’s top without moving.

Consider using a screening platform to elevate the screen to the desired height.

There are Solutions to Neck Pain

Neglecting neck pain that is associated with working at home can lead to a chronic condition. Tech neck can, if not treated, cause inflammation of the neck muscles and ligaments as well as nerves. Possible consequences include early-onset arthritis, spinal degeneration, and other complications.

Disc compression or disc herniation can occur when your muscles are stretched to support your head’s weight.

Depending on your condition, your provider might recommend one or more of these treatments for neck pain:

  • Corticosteroid injections
  • Plasma therapy with platelet-rich plasma
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Trigger point injections

You should seek professional medical attention if you are suffering from chronic neck pain. The Florida Medical Pain Management team is equipped with the expertise and experience to diagnose the root cause of neck pain and recommend the best treatment. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our providers.

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