Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are small, but the level of danger they pose to human beings cannot be underestimated, as they can cause diseases such as malaria. Some mosquitoes do not pose the threat of malaria, but can cause itching, irritation, and lack of comfortability.

It is essential to learn how to get rid of these vectors outside and in the house to have peaceful nights and be safe from malaria. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can get rid of mosquitoes;

Take care of your outdoor environment.

The first step of making sure your home is mosquito-free is taking care of outside, and getting rid of any breeding areas. Mosquitoes love breeding in stagnant water, so you should ensure that you get rid of such kind of water around your home.

Embrace acceptable practices such as having fresh, moving water around your home, cleaning gutters, and mending any potholes around your home. You can also get products such as VC larvicide from Vectorcide International Ltd, to apply on water surfaces to prevent mosquito larvae from growing.

Once you take care of the outside, it is time to ensure that the inside of your home is mosquito-free, and you can do this by using the following measures;

Repairing window screens and doors

If your window does not have screens, especially ones that you open many times, you should get them, to keep mosquitoes out of the house. If you already have window screens, ensure that they are well maintained.

Check the screens carefully, and once you see any gap ensure it is closed. Any hole on the door, or window screen can allow many mosquitoes into the house, so take care of this to reduce the number of mosquitoes.

Using Garlic

You can get garlic from a grocery store, and use it to get rid of mosquitoes. All you have to do is crush the garlic’s cloves, boil them in water, and put the resulting solution in a spray bottle. You can spray the resolution, and due to the pungent smells of the garlic, the mosquitoes will flee from your house.

Lavender oil

Mosquitoes will get out of the house once they smell lavender oil because they dislike it, and you can spray the oil inside of your home. You can also apply the lavender, and no mosquito will come close to your skin.

Camphor oil

Camphor oil has many uses, such as reducing muscle pain, helping in breathing, and regarding this context, repelling mosquitoes.  It has a more permanent effect, and to make it work, you can light it, and leave it in the room for about 20-30 minutes.

Camphor is excellent, but the smell does not dissipate quickly, and it may leave the room smelling foul. You can also opt for camphor tablets, and let them evaporate.

The above are not the only measures you can use, and you can also use ice, coffee grounds, wine, and tea tree oil to get rid of mosquitoes. When selecting a measure to use, you have to make sure that you and your family members are safe from any adverse side effects.