DaVinci IQ2 vs. IQ Comparison Review: Which is Smarter, Better?

The latest DaVinci IQ2 has made some excellent changes while staying loyal to a tried and tested formula. In this DaVinci IQ vs. IQ2 review, there are these enhancements and whether the IQ2 is worth the update or higher quality. For more details, read out the details!

Which is user friendly?

All are very close in their service, but the IQ2 has made some functional changes! Cleaning up the IQ2, in particular, is much less of a burden than the first. The little area between the filter and flavor filter above the gasket has been patched, so it’s no longer a significant time effort, so hassle to clean up.

The new DaVinci IQ2 also has many different functions packed into the program: particularly the new Dosing Control system. With the three buttons and smart LED monitor. All of these can be navigated from the system itself. They have the same temperature spectrum and Smart Paths.

The dosing scheme needs some time to know, but whether you are serious with doses, a medical user, or a functioning stoner, it is well worth it. Overall, both are very easy to use with certain specialized tools. Still, the IQ2 just wins out for the better build quality and new functionality.

Battery life

It is not surprising that both DaVinci IQ and the IQ2 have the same battery life. We may have seen a little better battery life from the IQ2 because the base is now well sealed, radiating less heat and improving energy efficiency. They both have a great battery life, certainly some of the strongest for any portable dry weed vape!

It should take about 3.5 hours to top up with the stock 3500mAh battery from empty to full, so we also consider using an external battery charger. The fact that the 18650 battery is a reversible one is a big point of sale!


There are a few changes for this context. The bowls also hold about 0.3-0.5 grams and use the same heating system for ceramic conduction. Nonetheless, the latest IQ2 comes with some focus pads to render the waxes and resins more matched. The pearl has been slightly modified to function a little easier as a chamber reducer, though not many changes have been made in this regard.

The IQ2 is moving further compared to its counterpart. The really evolving aspect here is customizable ventilation. IQ2’s mouthpiece has slightly larger airflow openings. This makes clogging less likely and gives a noticeably better open airflow. However, the processing and quality of vapors have stayed the same. The distinguishing element, of course, is how free the airflow itself is.

Indeed, they both provide some reliable vapor quality, and indeed the best conductive vapes we’ve ever tested. All in all, the quality of the vapor is mostly the same. Although IQ2 had a fairly reasonable upgrade in the airflow.


There is definitely an overall difference if you compare IQ and iQ2! But it’s up to you on which unit you should buy. We can only claim what is worth spending. DaVinci will handily help you out if something goes wrong. The new dosing control system is the most significant change we like, and it definitely pays off if you’re the type that wants to be in charge of it.