Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Are you a cat owner and worried about the sleep pattern of your cat? Don’t worry this is normal. They love to sleep. Normally, cats sleep an average of 15-16 hours a day. Even some cats sleep up to 20 hours in 24 hours, especially older cats and kittens. But why do cats sleep so much, this is the question.

Have you noticed that your cat is most active between dusk and dawn time? The reason behind this pattern is that they sleep mostly during the daytime and become more active around twilight. 

This is a pattern of sleep for cats. When the whole world is getting ready for action, you will find that your cat is going to take a nap. To know more about why do cats sleep so much, here we will discuss some factors to know about this habit of cats. 

Why do cats sleep so much?

To conserve energy

Energy conservation is one of the main causes of your cat’s sleep. Cats are natural predators and their prey is quick and slippery or we can say that difficult to catch. Because of that, they have to do hard work to meet their dietary needs. And this kind of hard work or physical effort needs a lot of recharging.

So, now I think you know the answer to your question: why do cats sleep so much? They sleep so much to recharge their energy. But here you were just thinking that your cat never leaves your house for hunting. You serve the meal to your cat then why does she sleep so much?

This is happened because of heredity. Being a cat they all have the same internal clock and this is in their nature. Our house cats may not need to hunt but the instinct to sleep and prepare for the hunt carries on their mind. And the house cat also goes to sleep when they are getting bore. 

What is the normal amount of sleep for a cat?

The sleeping pattern of your cat can keep changing as they getting older. It will not remain the same hours of sleep. Like kittens mostly sleep most of the day. Kittens wake up for having their meals. 

Adolescent cats could have erratic sleep patterns. Because they love to play so their sleeping patterns combined with periods of intense playfulness. 

Adult cats have more tendency to sleep, they can sleep on an average of 12-20 hours each day normally. Supposed to be that cats genetically programmed to sleep. 

Older cats will tend to have less energy and they would get weak with time. Hence, they will sleep more comparatively than the younger cats. 

So next time when you are getting worried about why do cats sleep so much then think about their age. And then notice the pattern of their sleep and wakefulness. 

Cats are often just snoozing

If you think that your cat sleeps deeply the whole day then you are mistaken. Most of the time, they are just snoozing. Cats have been taking light sleep to have the rest but they get in alert mode. If you are a cat owner then you must have noticed that when your cat is snoozing their eyes remain slightly open. 

And their ears twitch and rotate towards your footsteps or any other noise. Because they are just snoozing not sleeping very deeply. They take deep sleep just for five minutes, after that your cat goes back to dozing. 

In short, cats love to snooze because it’s in their genes, getting enough rest is a top priority of all cats. And they are easily awakened when they need to be like to protect themselves or to catch their prey. 

Affected by the weather

Yes, cats are affected by the weather, just like all human beings. Cats’ behaviour can depend on their breed, age, temperament, and overall health. It has been noticed that cats sleep usually more when the weather is changing. 

They may take more sleep on a rainy day or cold day. Although the weather could be the reason for their too much sleep

Why do cats sleep on you?

If you are thinking about this habit of your cat, here are few reasons why they do that:

  • They want to keep themselves warm.
  • They trust you a lot.
  • Cat thinks that you are a more comfortable spot to sleep beside their comfy bed.
  • They feel safest if you are around them.
  • They probably love you. 

Is your cat sleeping too much?

Every cat owner worried about why do cats sleep so much, but this is just a part of their natural sleeping patterns. However, if you do notice that your cat snoozing more than usual, you must concern with your vet. 

The weather could be a reason or it’s just their habit, but changes in the sleeping routine can point to any serious health problem. Such as anaemia, depression, gastrointestinal problems, or any kind of pain. 

These problems also can be a cause of your cat’s extra sleep or maybe loss of sleep. 

Sleep behavior 

Your cat does snore? If yes, then it is quite common and normal for cats to snore when they are sleeping. Some cats just cover their eyes and start to snore in a few minutes because of their deep sleep. 

Some cats even run in their sleep and make some noises as they dream, all things are normal and this is their sleep behavior. 

Sometimes even we all wish to have a life of cat where we sleep for most of the day. But this can’t have happened because we are humans. Laziness is a way of life for cats. If they are not eating, scratching, they are usually catching sleep. 


According to Animal Planet’s website, cats are among the top sleepers in the whole animal kingdom. And indoor cats sleep more than outdoor cats because they don’t have to do anything and less to worry about their food or shelter. I hope, now you know the answer to why do cats sleep so much?