What to Perfect Your Nail Polish? Avoid These 5 Mistake

Are you thinking of a manicure? You might often be excited when thinking of it, and you can’t stop picturing how beautiful the results will be. However, people get frustrated because of making mistakes they could easily avoid. You can make many mistakes, including choosing Vernis à ongles sans ingrédient nocif, which can affect your nails and health. It’s important to look for nail polish with the right ingredients that are not harmful. This article will explore nail polish mistakes you should avoid.

Failure to Prepare the Nails

Most people are ignorant of the need to prepare their nails before applying nail polish. It’s important to start by cleaning your nails with a nail polish remover before painting them. If your nails have dirt or any oils, this will limit the power of the polish to stay intact, and the application will also be challenging. Always clean your nails properly with soap, water, and nail removal before applying the base coat. This will help your polish to stay longer.

Failure to Apply a Base Coat

When applying your nail polish, it’s a big mistake not to apply the base coat as it affects the longevity of your nails. The base coat has great benefits, such as improving the adhesion of your nail polish, avoiding stains on the polish on your nails, and smoothening your nail surface. Additionally, you need to consider using Vernis à ongles naturel to avoid harming your nails with nail polish with harmful ingredients. Using nail polish without the base coat can damage your nails, especially if the nail polish contains harmful components.

Applying Polish in a Single Stroke

One of the common mistakes most people make while applying polish is using a single stroke. This leads to uneven distribution making the manicure terrible. When applying and use at least three strokes to ensure uniform distribution. 

Failure to Wash Your Tools

Your nail health is crucial. That is why you should ensure the tools you use for manicures are clean and hygienic. Most of these tools can affect your nails with bacteria that will harm your nails and threaten your overall health. To prevent contamination, wash your tools, such as files, buffers, and clippers, with soap and water.

Improper Nail Polish Application

Nail polish application has a great impact on the result and the longevity of the polish. If you see your polish chipping off and not lasting long, the problem could be due to the bad application of the polish. A common mistake most people make is applying thick coats of polish, thinking they will get deeper pigmentation. Applying this way delays the time for your polish to dry. To avoid this consider applying several thinner coats instead and ensure you apply to the tip of the nail to seal the manicure.

Wrapping Up:

The above are common mistakes most people make with their nail polish. You must clean your nails properly and use the right tools. Additionally, ensure you look for a good nail polish that is natural and has no harmful substances. Always take time to apply your nail polish to ensure its uniformly distributed.