What Is Breast Reduction Revision And Reasons You Might Consider It

Breast reduction generally refers to a reduction of the size of the larger breast. Breast lift reduction refers to the performance of a surgical procedure to lift sagging Breasts. Breast reduction Revision, on the other hand, refers to revisiting the previously reduced breast to improve the results from the last one. The first surgery might not give satisfying results due to several reasons.

For instance, a prominent scar might be caused by a poor healing process after surgery, which might bother you. Not to worry, a visit to your breast revision surgeons will be all you need to put you at ease and feel like yourself all over again. A breast reduction revision’s sole purpose is to improve on the targeted results that the previous surgery failed to deliver. The following are the common reasons why you may consider a breast reduction revision.

Reasons Why You Should Consider A Breast Reduction Revision

  • Asymetry– After the surgery, the breast might not respond as expected. The tissues of the reshaped breast may end up flattening instead of flattering as expected. The nipples might also end up asymmetrical instead of being recentered. A reduction revision surgery will be needed to aid in getting better results.
  • Size And Positioning–  Some of the clients might feel the size of the breasts has not been reduced to their liking after the surgery. Again, the size of the breasts after surgery might be correct, but its positioning might disagree and may need revisiting.
  • Scaring- Sometimes may heal in an unexpected way that may cause scars at the end. If you are that patient who feels uncomfortable with scar appearance, you will need to book yourself an appointment with breast reduction revision surgeons to have them rectify that.
  • Overall look correction– During surgery, complications may be experienced, and this may cause noticeable asymetry of the breasts. The breasts may look uneven, bringing out that unnatural look and shape. A breast reduction revision will be of great assistance at that stage.

Recovery After A Breast Reduction Revision Surgery

Generally, recovery from a breast reduction revision is much easier and shorter. Most patients say to have experienced soreness and swollen tissues for the first few days after the surgery. It is guaranteed that you will return to your regular routine after one or two weeks after the surgery, depending on how you respond to healing. That is if no complications arise. The doctor also prescribes oral medication to help ease the pain and make you feel comfortable during the healing period. It is advised that you sleep, elevating your upper body in order to relieve pressure on the breast. This will help to reduce swelling. Also, keep away from undertaking heavy duties for you to have a quick recovery.


No matter your reason for seeking a breast reduction revision, you are sure to receive a more natural look by improving the areas that the previous surgery failed to deliver. A breast reduction revision surgery is not a guarantee for perfect breasts but an assurance for a more favorable appearance of your breasts compared to the last surgery.