Vegan Diet And Protection Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A vegan diet is a type of meal that includes plants or their products. Those who intake only vegan diets are called vegans. Here, we will be discussing how vegan diets can protect against coronavirus? Let us be clear with facts that vegan diets cannot completely protect us against COVID-19. A vegan person has an equal chance of getting infected by the virus as a non-vegan person. But yes, a vegan diet offers protection against coronavirus. Doctors are mentioning time and again to focus on the immunity of the body, and here comes the role of a vegan diet.

Contribution Of A Vegan Diet In The Spread Of The Virus

The answer is a big no. We do not have clear information about how this virus enters the human body. If reports are to be believed, it is through a non-vegan diet. In China, Wuhan is the center of this virus. Seafood is sold there which is non-vegan. The virus was present in that seafood entered the human body through contact with people who ate it. This led to the spread of this deadly virus.

How The Virus Affects Us

The virus enters through three body parts which are nose, eyes, and mouth. We are aware of the connection of mouth and nose to lungs or other internal organs but many are confused about the role of the eyes. The eyes are connected to the nose, so if the virus enters the eyes it travels to the nose, further moving towards the rest of the parts of the body. So, here we cannot specifically say that a vegan diet protects us against coronavirus. But a vegan diet is a must for us to be able to fight against infections and strengthen our immune system.

How Vegan Diet Can Protect Us From Covid-19

The vegan diet consists of plants or plant products, and these products never carry any virus through their system to the human system. We should consume the following as a part of our vegan diet to protect ourselves against coronavirus:

  • Fresh Vegetables And Fruits

It is a must to include fresh vegetables and fruits in our regular diet. WHO has mentioned certain quantities to consume for adults as well as kids according to their age. Fresh fruits and vegetables help to boost our immunity. They have macronutrients as well as micronutrients. These elements are essential for the human body in order for us to be fit. It increases the disease-fighting capacity of the human body. These vegan products carry beta-carotene, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E which boost our immune system. These plant products are rich in antioxidants.

Our immune system depends on white blood cells that produce antibodies to fight against viruses, bacteria, or any other harmful external agents. Those who follow a vegan diet have more white blood cells compared to those who follow a non-vegan diet. Plant-based diets are said to be effective for weight loss because they have more fibers in them. A healthy weight improves our immune system. Garlic, red capsicum or red bell peppers, citrus, ginger, broccoli, spinach, almonds, yogurt,  turmeric, seed of sunflower,  kiwi, green tea, and papaya are some of the vegan products that help to improve the immune system.

  • Organic Vitamin-D3 ( Vegan)

Vegan Vitamin-D3 helps to significantly boost the immune system. It is made to achieve optimum bone mineralization, strong muscles, a better immune system, mental health, and dental health. It is free of any contaminants as well as synthetic additives. This product is completely organic.

  • Milk

Milk is one of the most essential products that contain nutrients like probiotics, vitamin D, and immunoglobulins. It boosts our immune system and hence helps to fight against the disease.

  • Herbal Concoction

In common terms, we refer to it as kadha. It is a concentrated liquor. It is made of highly beneficial vegan products. Garlic, turmeric, black pepper, salt, clove, and basil are added in the water and boiled. This product is recommended to drink to boost the immune system and enhance the disease-fighting ability of the human body.

  • Zinc Combined With Vitamins

This is used for proper growth as well as good immune function. Zinc with vitamins is beneficial for health.

  • Organic Acerola Berries

Organic Freeze-Dried Acerola Berries are a natural organic immune booster. It is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. Its main function is to destroy free radicals. It supports the natural immune response of the body. This vegan product is natural and free of chemical preservatives.

  • Honey

Research says that raw honey boosts our immune system. It has antiviral as well as antibacterial properties.

Here we have specifically mentioned the role of a vegan diet to protect us from coronavirus. Coronavirus is a highly infectious disease. It enters our body and attacks our internal organs. It starts replicating itself inside the body at a significant rate, and to decrease its speed these vegan diets are mostly recommended by doctors.

The Treatment

Being an RNA virus it is predicted that researchers and scientists will take time to develop a vaccine for it. All we can do is just wait patiently and follow the guidelines issued by the WHO or any other source. The above-mentioned vegan diets help to fight against disease and protect us from falling ill. Apart from eating a balanced diet, we can exercise regularly to boost our immune system. It is recommended to always make some distance from pollution-causing sources as they decrease the immunity of the lungs. This particular RNA virus attacks the weak body part and makes the part dysfunctional. So to win against this battle we must follow the above-mentioned vegan diet on a daily basis.

People who consume vegetables and fruits in good amounts in their daily diet are proven to be with immunity and hence more strength to fight infections. It strengthens the defense mechanism of the body. It is true that there is no particular diet that will stop the virus from infecting us. But it is also true that regular intake of the above-mentioned foods as a part of a vegan diet decreases the capability of the virus to invade the body, and hence less harm is caused.

Follow a vegan diet and ensure a healthy life for yourself!