Stay fit and fine practice of Pawanmuktasana

Pawanmuktasana mostly known as the wind relieving pose in English is indeed the reclined posture that is beneficial for body and health. The Sanskrit name is made up of three Sanskrit words which are Pawan+Mukta+Asana. Together it means wind release posture. There are varied benefits for the pawanmuktasana asana practise. It helps in removing the constipation issue along with it creates a space for stomach and intestines. Hence along with this, the asana will help in removing the excess gas by cleansing off the intestine.

The advice of the yoga mentors

Yoga mentors and teachers are advising all to practise exercise daily. Pawanmuktasana is one of the important postures which can make people stand best indeed. The wind relieving pose liberates this pose. Once you start knowing about the reclined posture, you will also know that it is suitable for everyone. The people who are beginners or advanced practitioners learn this asana in much-dedicated ways. It is surveyed that people who practise such asana never fall sick of intense gas and digestion. In a term, it is also known as one-legged knee-to-chest-pose.  

The best time to practice asana

The best time to work out this asana is early in the morning. Yoga must be practised early in the morning as its impact is much more compared to other time schedules. Yoga must be put to practise after every four to six hours after a meal. It is when your stomach and the bowels are empty. Pawanmuktasana improves your digestive health. The correct posture of pawanmuktasana is to put the head and neck in the relaxed posture, then the shoulders should be placed rightly upon the floor and knees should be pulled closer to the chest.  

The process to execute the asana

Pawanmuktasanacan is done with one leg first and later with both the legs. There are a few concepts which must be clear about the pawanmuktasana. The level of the asana is marked as basic. The duration of the asana is decided as 10 to 60 seconds. The stretches should concern the abdomen, arms and lower back. This asana strengthens the spinal cord, the digestive system as well as the reproductive system.  One should be aware that the correct alignment with the body is mandatory in the asana. Any wrong posture will create a sense of insecurity with the fitness of the body.

Final relaxation and fitness

The base posture is very important in any yoga or asana you do. Before you start the pawanmuktasana, you should lie flat on the floor keeping the legs straight and of course together. Here you start inhaling and exhaling air deeply by lifting your head. You have to make your nose touch the right knee without much straining.  After weeks of continuous practice, you can touch your chin to the knees. Repeatedly you should do it once with the right leg and then with the left leg. After you complete, lie down straight and take rest in its final posture. Now relax your body and stay fit.