Safety Issues | Safety Locks for Newborn baby

When a baby is born, so many concerns keep moving in the mind of new parents. Different issues need to be considered such as breastfeeding, sleep issues, infections, children’s health care, safety issues, etc.

Although everyone around your baby in the house is bound to be super careful. But minor negligence could create room for major damage. So, you need to keep a tab on the following safety issues. You can follow this checklist before your baby is prone to any damage.

Safety Issues Checklist

  • Sleeping Curve

By the time your baby turns five months old, they start rolling over on their tummies. Make sure you don’t let your newborn baby sleep on his tummy amid a pile of even soft pillows. This can cause breathlessness. Suffocation is one major cause of infant deaths.

  • Bathing Woes

While bathing babies, mothers should be very careful. Except for your milk and baby’s fingers, nothing else should enter into your baby’s mouth, not even tap water. Tap water contains germs and swallowing that water might trigger infections. Never ever leave your baby unattended in the bath not even for a minute. It is very dangerous to leave babies alone in the bath due to water and many other types of equipment there.

  • Crib Care

Make sure you choose a crib that has less than 6 cm gap between the slats. The latches should be firmly in place. It should not be fancy. The mattress should not have any gap between the edges and the walls of the crib. The crib should not be painted with toxic paints as babies are habitual of licking the slats. The cribs with one side dropping should be avoided because in case if it gets loose, it is dangerous. You can read about fancy dress competition ideas and dialogues if you wish.

  • Toy Trouble

There should no toys with sharp edges, small moving parts, long strings, or detachable batteries that can cause strangulation or choking hazard. Don’t let your child play with detachable toys and make sure the toys have fixed parts. Avoid buying small toys and stuff toys. Stuff toys carry a lot of germs and can cause various infections if not cleaned regularly. You can wast toys regularly with fruit and vegetable wash available in the market for kids.

  • Suffocating Suckle

While you are nursing, take care you don’t fall asleep while feeding. This is natural for sleep-deprived moms but this could block the baby’s nasal pathways. Few moms who are under medication and feel drowsy should have someone in the room. There is no harm in taking help from your spouse, friend, or any relative. One caretaker must be there along with a new mom.

  • Sling Spots

For those who carry their baby in a sling, ensure that his airway remains open and he can breathe freely. His chin should be off her chest and the head is turned to one side and not buried against your shoulder. Keep him upright on your body so that you can be aware of his breathing rhythm. Keep talking or checking the baby if he is fine.

Happy Parenting!!