How to stay safe during coronavirus attack

Tips To Be Safe From Coronavirus

The world has come across the latest virus which has spread like fire all over the world. It is the much known Coronavirus (COVID-19). The outbreak of the virus has already engulfed many lives within it and turned out more severe for others. The organization of the WHO (world health organization) has started the flow of information through awareness programs and public health authorities. Coronavirus has taken the shape of a disaster for the human race. In this sensitive moment, it is advised to follow some strategies for health benefits and protect others by advising the same.

Steps to combat the difficult situation

If you have fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing, do not just wait for a second more, report to the nearest health centers where you can enroll for treatment and immediate action so that the spread of the disease can be stopped. There are few tips in which doctors and experts are continuously spreading through the media and press releases.

Maintaining social gathering and social distance is now a mandatory step that should be followed. At least a distance of 3 feet should be maintained between you and the person who is coughing, sneezing and having a fever.

I can advise you for the washing of hands and fingers at frequent intervals. A thorough and regular cleaning of the hands with alcohol-based hand rub. After that washing, off with soap and water can help cease the virus from spreading rapidly.

We come to know that the coronavirus is changing 840 forms of chemical composition in a day. Therefore it is now a quite serious issue that should be noted in order to stop the virus from spreading rapidly. Washing off hands frequently will kill the virus on your hands.

 The medical report speaks about the rapid growth of the chemical composition of the coronavirus. It is subjected to the death of people every day at a higher rate. Avoid touching the T-section and the U-section of your face o that virus doesn’t accumulate from the foreign particle.

When someone coughs or sneezes they are likely to spread liquid droplets from their nose and mouth that contains a virus. So if you are near to the person who is sneezing out COVID-19 virus. After that, you are breathing in the same air.

Using masks, gloves and covering is now a necessary step. you should follow otherwise you risk your life and also the others. Thus practicing respiratory hygiene is necessary and you cannot avoid doing this.

Develop rigid habits for prevention

 Stay back at home if you are feeling physically weak. Seek medical help and call the doctor in advance. If you develop fever and cough and cold, simply avoid the contact of others. Coronavirus is multiplying its forms and spreading across the globe at a rapid speed.

Verdict About Coronavirus:

Taking help from the health care providers will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and also other viruses. Cover your face and sip warm water to avoid the accumulation of virus inside the body. It is because the person to person contact and spreading of virus through respiratory droplets is one of the roots of coronavirus.