Gallbladder Surgery; Is It the Best Treatment Option?

Many people visit health facilities with gallbladder problems. The majority have gallbladder dysfunction that is very disruptive and painful. In severe cases, your general surgeon may recommend surgery to remove the gallbladder.

Gallbladder surgery is the best treatment option for gallstones and gallbladder dysfunction. That’s because the condition ends up getting worse with time, leaving you with no other better option than surgery. Also, the procedure is minimally invasive, which makes it a safe operation.

Common scenarios of an unhealthy gallbladder

  1. You have gallstones with pain symptoms. In this scenario, gallbladder removal is the best option.
  2. You experience pain without gallstones. The primary cause might be gallbladder dysfunction.
  3. The presence of gallstones with no pain symptoms is another reason to contact a qualified surgeon to remove your gallbladder before it causes more severe problems.

Gallbladder emergencies

Many patients ignore their gallbladder condition despite knowing about it for a long time. By the time they contact a doctor, the situation is far worse and out of control. Therefore, they may have to undergo emergency gallbladder surgery to correct the problem.

 The surgeon may face difficulties performing the emergency surgery, therefore, lead to complications. In addition, the patient may incur huge finances than when you do the surgery at a convenient time.

Therefore, it is advisable to schedule a gallbladder surgery at an appropriate time to avoid severe illness. The gallstones can move down the duct, causing an obstruction which can lead to death if not removed in time.

Surgical treatment technique

Apart from a few exceptions, 95% of surgeons remove gallbladders through a laparoscopic approach. The procedure makes use of tiny incisions in the abdomen. 

The standard laparoscopic technique involves the use of four trocars. Your surgeon places the trocars through the abdominal wall to the gallbladder. Long tools and telescopic cameras help gain access to it.

An experienced general surgeon performs gallbladder surgery by making only three incisions. It is beneficial to the patients because they will have fewer scars, incisions, and fewer weak points on the abdominal wall. They also minimize the chances of getting a hernia.

Using da Vinci surgical technology

Surgeons can also carry out gallbladder surgery using the da Vinci robot. The surgery only requires a single cut known as single-site gallbladder surgery. It can be 2.5 centimeters or just an inch.

Many surgeons rarely do open surgery to remove a gallbladder. That’s why you must look for an experienced laparoscopic surgeon to operate.

Reasons to call your doctor after the operation.

You are supposed to be at ease and moving without extreme pain after your surgery. You may feel minor soreness and pain but, it should not be something serious. Call your surgeon if:

  • The pain is severely increasing.
  • You have unrelenting vomiting and nausea.
  • Your fever has risen over 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The incision site is becoming more reddish.

Gallbladder problems commonly happen. However, many people ignore seeking medical help early enough and only rush to the hospital when the situation has worsened. It is advisable to contact your doctor as soon as you start experiencing problems with your gallbladder. The surgeon will prescribe a suitable treatment to fix the issue.