People who don’t like their smiles will be glad to know that there are plenty of options for smile makeovers in modern dentistry. Today, a smile makeover from a dentist can transform even the most horrid smile into a beautiful and long-lasting one.

Whether you are worried about teeth discoloration, missing teeth, broken teeth, or a crooked smile, there is always something a dentist can do about it. There are many dental treatments to perfect smiles in today’s dentistry but let us first understand what a smile makeover is.

When many people hear about smile makeovers, they automatically think about porcelain veneers. Although porcelain veneers are one of the dental treatments for smile makeovers, they are not the only treatment option available to transform your smile.

A smile makeover involves a mixture of dental treatments to revamp your smile. Depending on your needs, the dentist can help you identify the dental treatment option that suits your needs in the long term. Here is a guide to each smile makeover option.


Braces are a dental treatment option suited for someone with crooked teeth, underbites, or overbites. They are in the form of metal braces or clear ones if you want to correct your smile in an inconspicuous way. They require multiple dental visits for the orthodontist or dentist to ensure the teeth are aligning well. You may feel soreness in the initial days, but you get used to them with time.


If you want an admirable set of teeth without gaps, discoloration, crookedness, chips, or cracks, dental veneers are the way to go. They need some bits of enamel on your teeth to be removed for fitting. Veneers are made from porcelain or a composite synthetic resin such as acrylic. Veneers can give you a good smile for more than 10years through proper oral hygiene. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are perfect if you are worried about missing teeth. An implant refers to a titanium screw that serves as the root for your placement tooth. It bonds to your gum over time, helping the dental crown to attach, resulting in a natural set of teeth entirely. Dental implants look completely natural and can last for more than 20years. They need some surgery and implantation during placement, but their long-term effect is always worth it.    

Dental Crowns

Another option to transform your smile is to get dental crowns. They resemble natural teeth and can be used to cover up teeth flaws such as chipped teeth, cracked teeth, or add more length. They are used primarily for aesthetic purposes.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding can be used to rectify a chip or crack in your tooth. A dentist uses a tooth-colored dental bonding solution to conceal the smile imperfection. They will clean your tooth, rub it with a bonding solution, apply the composite resin in multiple layers then shape it to match your smile. It doesn’t require surgery, nor does it interfere with your truth’s structure.


These are just some of the smile makeover options available today. Most of them are non-invasive, so you don’t have to worry about undergoing surgery or experiencing any pain. Dominic Thorncroft is an experienced dentist and can answer any question you have with a portfolio of blog posts.