A Guide to Calisthenics Equipment Selection

The beauty of calisthenics training is that you can do bodyweight exercises without equipment, making it perfect for those who want to work out at home or those just starting out on a new exercise program. But investing in a few gym equipment can greatly increase the mixture of exercises you can try. Knowing you can target it will help you advance your fitness goals much faster.

Calisthenics Worldwide suggests some equipment to be used for beginners as it allows certain fitness levels to elevate. Here are some recommendations for calisthenics equipment that you can choose while making your selection.

Pull Up Bar

The first equipment to be recommended for calisthenics is a door pull up bar. When most people think of exercising at home, they think of “push” exercises like push-ups and squats. Still, it’s important to include pull-type exercises as well to avoid muscle imbalances that can lead to poor posture. “Pull” exercises are difficult to accomplish with your own body weight, and this is where pull-up bars come in handy. The pull-up bar can also be used to hang other gymnastic equipment like resistance bands or gym rings.

Resistance Bands

Speaking of wide “flat loop” type resistance bands to help you work out. Think about this citation for a moment. If you’re bench pressing with a dumbbell at the gym, with or without weights, strain the dumbbell until you find a comfortable resistance. As you get stronger, add load to the dumbbell to increase resistance. In bodyweight training, you can use resistance bands to support your body weight by not only adjusting your body weight in the same way but by using different sizes of resistance bands to transform the amount of support provided.


Parallettes are amazing for push workouts, dips and L-sit training. Advanced users can also use it for handstand and pantheon training. Parallettes are easy to store and quick to retrieve. Either a quick workout in your living room or a handstand workout in your garden.

Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastics rings have become very popular in the gymnastics and CrossFit communities in recent years. This is mainly because it targets muscles in an approach that is comparable to most other equipment and exercises. In fact, part of the fitness industry is devoted to ring training.

Dry or Liquid Chalk

Whether you’re doing pull-ups or balancing on the parallel bars, or holding onto the edge of a cliff for life, chalk provides a better grip and prevents sweaty hands from cascading off during your workout. , the best answer to sweaty palms, humid temperatures and slippery bars. If you are new to liquid chalk, it can be quite confusing. Spreading a layer of chalk on your hands will take in sweat, keep your hands dry, and give you a firm grip to complete these exercises safely. With chalk, sweaty hands aren’t scary!


Selecting a shipment for calisthenics is not a difficult task, but it is not even a simple ride to take. You need to follow a certain guide and make choices based on your preferences.