8 Types Of Pasta Recipes

It’s hard to talk about any food originating from Italy without mentioning pasta. Now there are more than 600 pasta shapes worldwide, and this Italian dish is regarded as one of the most comforting meals to make and eat. You don’t even have to be a cooking genius to make a good meal of pasta, and it takes just a few minutes to prepare. 

People have failed to note pasta because it gives room for you to be creative as the cook. With a meal like pasta, it is easy to experiment and try out different styles and recipes. The good thing is that pasta comes in various kinds, such as fusilli, spaghetti, and penne. There are also different sauces that you can use, such as the meaty Bolognese, creamy white sauce, tomato sauce, etc. You also have different varieties of ingredients like cheese, herbs, and veggies to try out when cooking pasta.

Pasta comes in different recipes. Most pasta recipes are effortless to make, so it is easy for you to get awe-inspiring results cooking pasta meals. In this article, we will be discussing the different types of pasta recipes

1. Pasta Carbonara 

This is a Roman pasta dish. It is effortless to make, and it gets its name from ‘carbone,’ which also means coal. It is named this way because this pasta was trendy among coal miners many years ago. Initially, the recipe used was guanciale (pig’s cheek). However, it isn’t something that is found quickly. Due to this, chefs had to use bacon instead, which gave birth to Carbonara. If you’re not looking to create anything extensive or elaborate, then this might be the ideal choice for you. 


2. Four cheese pasta

As the name implies, this pasta is made with four different cheese types: Parmesan, Emmental, Brie, and Cheddar. This pasta recipe is straightforward. You won’t find any meal more cheesy than this; a vegetarian pasta recipe is just what any foodie would dream for. 


3. Cream Cheese Pasta

This is yet another easy-to-make pasta recipe. What you need are freshly ground pepper, olive oil with garlic, and cream cheese. With these ingredients, you’ll be able to create one of the tastiest pasta recipes that you’ve come across, and you can do this in just a few minutes. 

Cream Cheese Pasta (Just 5 ingredients!) | Don't Go Bacon My Heart

4. Ravioli with coconut milk & lemongrass

Ravioli is one of the different types of pasta that requires that you fill some sheets of dough with some mixture. Making this recipe will help you learn how to make ravioli, and that’s one more skill added to your culinary CV. To cook this recipe, you have to stuff ravioli with a mix of vegetables. Then you drizzle this stuffed mixture using a smooth sauce made from fragrant lemongrass, spring onions, and coconut milk. This recipe is popular and is one of the best recipes to entice kids, but you can be sure that adults would fall in love with it too. 


5. Chicken pasta 

This is simply a penne pasta in which you add a significant amount of spices, celery, beans, chili flakes, and carrots, but that’s not all. The key ingredient here is to add cheese and chicken (mainly). It’s easy to think that a dish like this is more of a restaurant dish than a homemade dish, but that isn’t true. Chicken pasta (with white sauce) can be cooked at home quickly like almost all other types of pasta recipes. 

Chicken Pasta Recipe - NDTV Food

6. Lasagna 

Lasagna is a very popular pasta recipe made with a lot of meat and cheese. This recipe is believed to be one of the oldest of the different types of pasta recipes, originating from Naples, Italy. However, even for its old age, it’s still able to give a heavenly taste if you choose to try it out. It makes for a delicious dinner, and it is easy and quick to make. 


7. Spaghetti Bolognese 

This is another top-rated pasta recipe with almost global recognition. The Bolognese is a primarily meat-based pasta sauce. As the name implies, it was first created in Bologna, Italy. It is another easy-to-make pasta recipe, and some of the ingredients needed for this sauce include minced lamb meat, tomatoes, onions, nutmeg, and lots of Parmesan. 

Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe | Foodal

8. Home-style baked pasta

The addition of ‘home-style’ says a lot about this pasta recipe already. It is one recipe that you should never miss out on if you’re a spaghetti lover. These are some of the ingredients that you need to make this home-style pasta: veggies, tangy tomato sauce, layers of cheese, and pasta. Then you bake them all together till it comes out glorious and ready to consume. This is unarguably one of the easiest pasta recipes to make. It gives you all the satisfaction that you need after a long day at work. 

11 Easy Pasta Recipes | Popular Pasta Recipes - NDTV Food


There is no doubt that there is a truckload of pasta types, and you’re likely to enjoy them all. However, this article discusses some of the best and the most accessible pasta types to make.